Erel, Furuya, Lanfredini, Merlet at Gitar Cafe, November 29 – Istanbul cap. 7

Copio dal sito di Korhan questa bellissima presentazione che ha scritto sul concerto che terremo questo giovedì al Gitar Cafè con questo interessante quartetto. Ne sono molto lusingata. Me l’hanno appena segnalata da

Erel, Furuya, Lanfredini, Merlet at Gitar Cafe, November 29

On November 29, I will be playing with three very exciting improvisers at Gitar Cafe. This is a meeting that was built from chance meetings. I met Nobuyasu Furuya, wind player based in Japan, on Facebook and was amazed by his fluent Turkish. It turned out that he had lived in Istanbul in the past. I met Elisabetta Lanfredini, singer and vocal improviser based in Italy, when she came to one of my shows in Istanbul. She is currently residing in Istanbul to study improvisational traditions in Turkish music. Florent Merlet, a French drummer based in Istanbul, and I have played many many times in various settings and even recorded an album in 2009. Florent and Elisabetta had a chance duo in the “Free Music” improv night I organize monthly and blew everyone away with their performance. Nobu and I were looking for musicians to join us for this concert and when I heard Elisabetta and Florent, the search was over.

We will play duos, trios and quartets in this evening of freely improvised music at Gitar Cafe, which has been one of the hotspots of improvised music in Istanbul since 2008, as well as having a much longer tradition of hosting some of the greatest names in Turkey and abroad in traditional musics and jazz.

Cast (in alphabetical order):

Korhan Erel, computer and controllers
Nobuyasu Furuya, wind instruments
Elisabetta Lanfredini, voice
Florent Merlet, drums

The show will start at 9.00pm. Entrance is 15 TL


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